natural hair tips

6 Natural Hair Tips That Are Absolutely Ridiculous

natural hair tips

I have been doing this natural hair thing for a long time now. In the midst of this, i have come across some of the most absurd natural hair tips in existence today. Some of it i am completely floored by and just do not understand why people even believe this crap. I want my hair to retain my length just as much as the next natural but man some of this stuff is just… natural hair

1. Breast milk for hair growth – There are some tips that I will give the benefit of the doubt and there are some natural hair tips that leave me with so many unanswered questions. Where am I getting the breast milk for? Who’s providing it? How did you come about trying this? How long did you do this to prove if it worked or not? I’m so good on this.

2. Monistat for hair growth – ~flips table~ You have got to be kidding me. This is one of those natural hair tips that you won’t EVER catch me trying out. Do you know what monistat was made for!? No, I’m beyond straight on this because you have to be given several seats for this suggestion. Again, so many questions….

3. Mineral Oil Based Hair Grease – Yes, I said it, grease. I say this because if you knew the origins of hair grease and how we came about using it, you would think it’s absurd to. It basically came from slavery because slaves had to use what was on hand to do there hair. So they used oil that chicken was fried in , oil from carriages, just about anything and these practices were carried over to their children.

4. Don’t wash your natural hair too often because it won’t grow – ~hits the floor~ Can I execute somebody for this statement? You want to know the truth? I washed my hair every . single . day after my big chop. It was so easy! I would use conditioner and olive oil to wash my hair and it was always moisturized and it grew like crazy!

5. 4C Natural hair can’t get straight – I love shutting this theory down. I am not 4c but some of my natural hair inspirations are. Let me tell you, these women’s hair are just drool worthy. 4c natural hair is some of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen in my life.

6. You need to know your hair type so you can decide on your products – Kill me now. Out of all the natural hair tips, this one probably gets under my skin the most because I don’t think it could be anymore inaccurate. Hair typing has nothing to do with the products you use. Why? Because there is so much more that goes into what your hair needs besides knowing your hair type.

What are some hair myths that you have heard that get under your skin? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Seriously Natural says:

    I was expecting to see the inversion method. You hit the nail on the head with those though.

      1. Seriously Natural says:

        Inversion method says: Turning the head upside down should increase blood flow to the head which the author theorises will be helpful to hair growth. I think they tout an inch of growth in 7 days. Not 100% sure but something crazy like that. Girl, you are glad you haven’t heard it.

        1. Actually, that does work for faster hair growth. I dont know about an inch of growth in 7 days but I did it every other day and massaged my scalp at the same time for 1 month and saw an inch of growth as opposed to 1/2 inch. I grew 6 inches in my first year so I was right along with the average. I know it works but I only did it to see if it WOULD work. I dont really care to do it regularly now tho.

  2. These are all so dumb and people will fight to the death for them cuz their auntie’s cousin’s best friend’s play sister has long hair and it worked for them.

    1. Play sister…lol! Guuuuuurl. Ha!

  3. Breast milk? Say what? And how would I go about that? •walks up to lactating woman and says* “Hi! May I please have a few squeezes from your tatas? Gotta make my hair grow. Thanks.” WHAT? Oh Lawd.

      1. Rocki Ferg says:

        I got some milk for her……I have 100 oz that have to be donated soon lbss…..

  4. Olivia Golding says:

    i wanted to it a love button on all of these cuz every time that i see stuff like this, ESPECIALLY the whole hair typing thing i have to roll my eyes and sigh. Glad i’m not the only one who feels like this

  5. I see you changed the origins of where slaves got oil from as opposed to the article on BGLH lol

    1. Brittany Davis says:

      There weren’t cars back then, so where’d they get the car oil from? o_O

  6. I have healthy, thick, MBL relaxed/tex-laxed hair. I am SO sick of all this “natural hair” ish! Some products may work better on some than others! I sometimes use a dab of products with mineral oil or petroleum to seal in coconut oil or olive oil for moisture– on my relaxed and my daughter’s natural hair. Find what works best for YOUR hair. HEALTHY hair is what is beautiful; whether it’s relaxed, natural, braided, twisted, straightened or whatever! Cultivate, care for and nourish what ever kind of hair that you have!

    1. True that!!! Different strokes for different folks. There are no two people the same. Healthy is what’s best and that’s the true beauty of it all. I have 4 daughters and I’ve been using the same products for each of their hair for convenience and it’s not helping because their hair isn’t the same, but I’m willing to invest the time with getting their hair to being what works best for them as individuals. I’ve got my work cut out for me since I don’t even know what works best for my own 😀

    2. Some people just don’t want to use mineral oil simply because they feel that they don’t have to further damage the state of the planet just for a few centimetres of hair. It’s better to go natural the natural way simply because some of these inorganic products can do some serious harm that we may never hear about because those who sell it own that information and still need money for themselves

  7. Cathy0001 says:

    Well, one thing I learned from the ‘natural hair movement’ is different strokes for different folks. If it’s cheap and not likely to cause damage give it a whirl, your hair might love it. For the breast milk thing, if you’re feeding the baby anyway why not pump an extra couple of ounces for your hair? Yogurt supposedly works so if milk from cows is good why not your own milk?
    As for the monistat, why not? Why not flip what part of your body you’re rubbing it on? I’d do that faster than I’d flip where I rub that creamy crack I used to use without thinking about it.
    And even the hair grease – I saw a woman with a magnificent ‘fro the other day and asked her what she does. All she does is comb, grease, braid. It works for her. Realizing that grease is a sealant, not a moisturizer is the trick there.

    1. Well said Cathy0001. A good dose of reasoning & common sense.

      1. Rocki Ferg says:

        i have an over supply of breastmilk and I used to squeeze it in my baby’s hair to fight the cradle cap(which is gone by the way) what is the milk supposed to do to the hair?

  8. Nadine aka Afrobritchick says:

    I remember when I did my big chop last November and some of these myths got me investing in all kinds of products and tools and doing all sorts to my hair lol. I’m glad I learnt though!

  9. The first thing I learned about going natural was knowing my hair type/curl pattern that really helped with my transition so I wouldn’t count that out although there are other aspects to consider as far as choosing products…..all that other stuff monistat, breast milk hey

  10. If it worked for them the so be it I’m not the type to jump on anyone’s band wagon personally I wouldn’t advise an antifungal cream used for the vaginal area….there needs to be some real research done on that find a regimen and stick to it don’t beleive the hype

  11. Desya_beloved says:

    Ignorance. Anti-fungals (monistat) can work for some people. There are plenty of hair products that use anti-fungals to fight off dandruff.

  12. Kevin Bacon says:

    My mom used Dax on me and my sisters and we had long hair. My sister use Dax on my 20 month old niece and her hair has some length on it. I curl type my hair because I need a lighter product for my fine hair.

  13. Once I realized porosity, strand thickness, and hair density were things I had to consider aside from curl pattern, my hair took off in moisture retention and growth. Shea butter, coconut oil, and and co-washing maybe good for some naturals but not all of us. The most important thing is to know your hair by finding out your own porosity, density, and stand thickness. Knowing these factors will help in determining the type of products that work on your hair to maintain optimum moisture and health. Also, understanding the importance of moisture/protein balance. There are no hard and fast rules that are going to apply to everyone. What works for some will not work for others. You just have to be educated on your own particular hair needs.

  14. The more I read these articles on how to grow your hair, have healthy hair and scalp, the crazier some of these posts are. Breast milk-just a stupid idea. As for the monistat, it does work. You have to know that some of these suggestions are toooooo way out there. Lord, thank you for me having common sense.

  15. I love reading all the comments coming from so many ladies. I learn something that I think could be a good use on my hair, but ignore others because they are just nonsense. Some of the comments on the type of products being used on the hair are on par. If you don’t know, it’s best you really research a products ingredients before stating that it’s ridiculous.

    Using Monistat on your hair/scalp really does work to help grow your hair. The snarky remarks about Monistat is because a person doesn’t know how it works, should be researched more. Try reading some of the products you use on your hair and it all comes out as (Greek) nothing is ever in English.

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