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5 Techniques To Stretch and Prevent Shrinkage In Natural Hair


Hola! Como Esta?

I don’t really speak spanish but i am tryna learn!

A common question is get is about that damn sinster villian of our hair…….shrinkage.

Yall know what im talking about. You flat iron your hair and it’s hitting your knees but once you wet it, it looks like you just cut your hair 2 months ago…. yea that.

Well here are some easy ways you can reduce that dang blasted shrinkage

  1. Style dry hair – I’m not saying rip through your hair but what i am saying is while its damp or wet, detangle it and seperate in in braids. That way when you take it down, its dry and tangle free 🙂
  2. Braid your hair while its damp – This has to be my go to lazy style when i don’t feel like doing my hair lol. If it’s damp and i just can’t think of what to do with it, i braid it down and take it down the next morning. Beautiful braidouts everytime
  3. Lightly blowdry – I know i know.. heat = the devil of natural hair. But that’s not always the case. I actually don’t believe that at all. Its all in how you use it and if you know what your doing. Anyway, blow dry on warm , use a heat protectant, and once your done, style as you see fit.
  4. Bantu knots – You can also dry your hair in medium to large bantu knots. You can either wear that style or style it as you see fit
  5. Flat Braids and flat twist – These don’t have to be picture perfect but if you know how to do this or know someone who does, give it a try! take it down and style as needed.

Bonus! Here is another way you can stretch your hair without heat!

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  1. tina smith says:

    Not every body hair can handle heat. All it takes is one time. Just because you haven’t got heat damage yet doesn’t mean some one else will have your LUCK

  2. @tina smith

    she’s giving good advice. no need to give her attitude.

    thanks for the advice girl! i’ve tried all of these methods and they work great.

  3. I part my hair in four sections then braid those sections. After the hair is braided I get a scruchy and tie my hair at the roots and all the way down with another scrunchy. My hair is short so I only use 2 scruchies per section. You use more if your hair is longer.

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