5 Tips To Make Your Natural Hair Softer

5 Tips To Make Your Natural Hair Softer

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‘Wow, your hair is sooooo soft! No wonder you can carry your natural hair. I can’t carry natural hair o, my natural hair is so stubborn.’

I get this statement from some relaxed people all the time.

‘Wow, your hair is soooo soft. How did you get your hair to be this manageable? I find it hard managing my natural hair.’

I get this one from natural ladies.

I know that my hair feels soft, especially when it’s in twists. Well, the truth is that I wasn’t born with a soft and manageable natural hair. So I respond to these people…

‘The truth is that my hair is not naturally soft. In fact, it was very hard before. I have done some things to it over time that has made it to be soft and manageable.’

So what are the things I have done to my hair that has made it manageable? I know that this may not be new to the natural hair gurus, but from the comments and emails I receive, I realized that there are so many newbie naturals out there who have so many questions on their minds. And they are mainly the ones this post is targeted at. Follow the below directions and have a better life managing your hair

1. Dispel the myth. No matter how ‘stubborn’ your natural hair is, it can be tendered over time with adequate protein and moisture. Don’t believe otherwise. This single mindset will be one to liberate you and help you achieve your goal of managing you natural hair without hassles

2. Don’t joke with deep conditioning. If you had been playing with this before, it is time to stop. Deep conditioning is known to work on hair textures like magic. For more details about deep conditioning, click here.

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3. Try the tea rinse after washing your hair. For more information about the tea rinse, click here. What I now do, as NaturalNigerianadvised me is to pour the tea water on my hair, over and over again. Sometimes after doing the tea rinse, you might actually feel your hair softer.

4. Moisture is your best friend. In your natural hair journey, you will never hear enough of this. Don’t joke with moisture. Use daily spritz once or twice every day. A mixture of water, olive oil and glycerin will do. Glycerin attracts moisture from the environment to your hair. This guarantees to an extent that you hair is always moisturized. Please know that it doesn’t matter if you have extensions on. Still do the daily spritz. Lift your weaves or braid and moisturize your hairline.

5. Seal in your moisture. This is not as technical as it might sound. After adding moisture to your hair, you might have to make sure the harsh weather doesn’t evaporate it by sealing it in your hair with butter based cream or a good moisturizing cream.

Please note, these points do not come to you from an expert point of view. I am just sharing what has helped me and some other naturalistas soften our hair over time. I hope this post has been helpful.

Anymore tips to add to this ladies? I think she pretty much hit all points

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  1. Love Brandys hair.I started going natural and moisterizing is hard I will try the glycerin spray

  2. Why show Brandy when that’s not her natural hair?

    1. I agree with you Nadia! The style and the texture are awesome, but we all know that’s a weave!

    2. I agree. Was thinking the same thing

  3. This list is great! I love deep conditioning my hair every week followed by a hot honey and olive treatment. Deep conditioning and sealing my ends has made all the difference for me these past few months. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a great articule. I moisture daily with water, avocado oil and butter. My hair has been super soft ever since.
    I also deep condition with a home made avocado recipe…bottom line don’t sleep on the avocado ladies!

  5. This definitely looks like the Beshe Wig Drew on her head. She is wearing it!

  6. This is sooo right on. After being natural for a year and experiencing such dry ends. I finally had to (1) embrace my shrinkage and (2) then spritz my hair twice a day with WATER. You see I did all the other stuff but it wasn’t enough. Nothing moisturizes my 4c/d/e/f hair like water. I recently started a Castor Oil Challenge and I believe that’s helping my hair to become soft do. But that WATER is doing the trick.

  7. Where is the link or recipe for the tea rinse?

  8. Roth Angela via Facebook says:

    But that is not her real hair.

  9. That is not her real hair. The methods in this article were not used to achieve that weave

  10. Hi for the tea rinse there is no link to click on. Please give futher instructions on how you do this. Thanks in advance

  11. Hello to every one, as I am actually keen of reading this weblog’s
    post to be updated regularly. It carries good information.

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