3 Products Every Natural Should Have

products naturals need

We all know how it was at the beginning of our natural hair journey, we were ALL product junkies, that’s if you aren’t still one. I know i spent a small fortune on trying to ensure that i had every new product out their on the market which was totally stupid on my part .. lol.

Do you have any idea how big my wardrobe could be at this point if id just used that money on my clothes and not my hair? Well im here to curb some of that pjism with 3 simple products to keep in your regimen.


1. Conditioner  is so multi purpose it’s not even funny. You can wash your hair with it, style with it, and moisturize with it. It’s what your hair craves and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on expensive ones.

2. Oil  Olive oil and coconut oil are your best friends. You can mix them with shea butter for a heavier sealant and they will keep your hair moisturized in the winter time. So pick an oil and have at it!

3. Protein This is a step that SO MANY NATURALS MISS! I have no clue why either! I stress it all the time. Hair + Protein = Strength and moisture retention. It’s just that simple. Some good protein treatments are Aphogee 2 Step Treatment and Dudley’s DRC28. Dudley’s is great but its on the expansive side.


These are all really great products for natural hair. Even if you’re not natural,  healthy hair in general!

Any more products that you ladies think should be added? Later , loves

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  1. StrawberriCurls says:

    If you have any products to share, please di!

  2. How often do you recommend doing a protein treatment? I did them once a month when I was relaxed and I was beginning to feel like my relaxed hair was long over due for a treatment.

  3. How often do you recommend doing a protein treatment? I did them once a month when I was relaxed and I am beginning to feel like my natural hair was long over due for a treatment.

    1. StrawberriCurls says:

      @Kayla V  Minimum once a month

  4. imjustsayindamn says:

    I’m really loving 100% Aloe Vera gel, it really keeps my hair moisturized.  I haven’t tried a protein treatment in years.  I remembering using  Aphogee  when I had a relaxer I thought the smell was horrible and it made my hair extremely hard.  Do you use 100% shea butter or do you use a product such as Shea Moisture?  I’m currently using  Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk in conjunction w/ my Aloe Vera gel.  
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  5. Maya Keita says:

    Please use all of naptural85 diy receipes on youtube they r the best a & all natural too & very affordable too dont rip yourselves buyin all these expensive products

  6. Avocado oil.!! A Great base oil.

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  8. michaelklawence says:

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