3 Battles You May Have To Fight When Going Natural

It’s a shame that i have to even write this post. It honestly doesn’t make any sense that you would even have to do this but it’s the world we live in and we have been conditioned to it regardless of what we may think.

1.With Yourself – Yes you’re transitioning and that’s great! But the real question is, are you ready mentally? Yes you put down the creamy crack and are making a conscious decision and effort to go back to what you were born with but what’s your mindset? Are you expecting to transition and see you hair idol’s hair texture or are you ready to accept any texture you may have? Are you ready to throw out all of your old knowledge of hair care and be humble enough to accept a new way of doing things despite what you may think? Are you ready to change your perception of your own hair? These are some things you should think about before you step foot on this journey because believe me i have seen many people fall victim to the creamy crack.

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2. With your Loved Ones – Ugh! This is the worst. When i transitioned, everybody thought i had lost my mind. I was like, “No i’m just tired of perms -_____- ” .. Well 2 years later and i don’t regret anything i have done, they have all stopped complaining about it and i have one the battle ….POW! But be prepared because this may or may not be where most the pressure comes from to relax and if that’s the case STICK TO YOUR GUNS! Talk about hair SOOO MUCH that they will get sick of hearing it and not ask you anything at all anymore. LOL . Yes it tends to work but if you don’t want to perm it then DONT despite what anyone may have to say.. its YOUR HAIR! If it’s an S.O , educate him. Let him watch hair videos with you, show him what your hair could potentially look like. It may be a struggle depending on the man, but he will come around eventually. If you’re a teen and you’re looking for your parents approval, use the same approach.

3.Last but not least, With Your Stylist – Some stylist just cannot take the fact that you are going natural especially if they don’t know how to deal with your hair. I have heard and read countless stories of women actually getting into fights with their hair stylists because they didn’t want them to transition. Anything outside of a perm, they don’t know how to do so they view it as a lost of business.. and yes… they want to fight you because of it.

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  1. This post is too true. I’ve been natural for about a year now and my mother STILL dislikes my hair. The only time I get not-so-negative comments is when my hair is twisted in two strands twists. She loved the neat precision of the parts and smoothness of the twists but HATED the twist out. Although that particular twist out was the most defined, neat “out” style I had ever done, she prefers the more uniformed look of the twists. If my hair isn’t twisted, she hates it all over again and I won’t even get started on all the negative comments she’s said in public venues smh.

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