14 Reasons Why Black Girls Rock!

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Media portrays us as having a cursed complexion. Everything that’s wrong with the world is doubly wrong with the African American woman. The marriage rate may fall for everyone, but for us, the chance of the 2.5 children with the picket fence and a loving husband doesn’t even exist in a fairy tale. Even more recently, Psychology Today attempted to answer the age-old question, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who’s the fairest of them all?” and concluded that our features make us unattractive to say the very least.

It’s amazing to see how many people give life to these stories, though. Every blog posted them, and our Twitter timeline and Facebook mini-feed were linking to them like crazy. I agree that we should be aware of how we are being portrayed, but at the same time we need to show them a positive image, too, which is why this list was created—to celebrate our best qualities and basically to tell the media exactly where they can shove their statistics!

God is the center of our lives…Ever wonder why Black women are so awesome?  Well the answer is really simple, because God made us that way.  He made us in the image of Him and what could be greater?  Exactly..NOTHING!  Black women are awesome from the beginning, because we are taught at a very early age to make God the center of our lives.  When we do we automatically see that we can do anything through HIM and this is how we begin to conquer the world!  This is the number one reason Black women are awesome.

We embrace self-love…Black women are awesome because we practice and embrace self-love.  We were made in love and we live in love.  We realize that love is bigger than being in a relationship.  We know that if we are to love others we must first love ourselves.  We know that making ourselves a priority is key to growing and developing as a woman.  We know our worth so we realize that we do not have to look for love in all the wrong places because the purest form of love lives inside of us.  We do not apologize for loving ourselves because we know that if we must know our worth before we can expect anyone else to.

We are patient…Black women are awesome because we are patient.  We know that if it is for us then we will have it.  We do not feel the need to force things to happen, nor do we feel the need to be upset when things don’t go exactly how we planned.  We know that when we want results it not only takes hard work, but it also takes patience.  We know when know that Rome was not Built in a day and so we know that having patience teaches us not to kick ourselves when things don’t happen as quickly as we would want them too.  We know that patience allows us to have the best, which is what we deserve!

We compete with no one but ourselves…Black women are awesome because we are aware that the race we are running is our own.  We know that we are our only competition.  We do not feel the need to compare ourselves to others or to try to “keep up with the Jones.’ ”  We realize that if we are to succeed, we must only be concerned with our own progress.  We don’t need to size up the competition, because there is none.

We face fear with faith… Black women are awesome not because we do not experience fear, but because we face fear with faith.  Black women know that it is very important to look on the bright side and to make the best out of any situation.  Even when we are  afraid we know that we will make it through any situation because we have faith.  We are pros at believing in things that we can not even see yet.  We are visionaries that will see to it that our dreams see the light of day even if we have to fight off a few monsters in the dark!

We are multifaceted (Jill of All Trades)… Black women are awesome because we play many roles, we are simply multifaceted!  We are friends, teachers, nurses, doctors, architects, lawyers, designers, moguls, mothers, daughters, wives, journalists, bloggers, directors, musicians and more all between the hours of 9-5 LOL!  We can and do, do it all and we are the best at whatever task we take on.  We are creative to a fault, and take pride in being as resourceful as we are!

We don’t settle… Black women are awesome because we know our worth and we know we deserve the best. We know that we deserve the best, therefore we never feel the need to settle.  Whether it is regarding men, jobs, friendships, houses, or cars as Black women we know that we deserve the best.  We deserve the best because we work hard to get where we want to be.  We know that settling only leads to a life of meritocracy and unhappiness and therefore we are willing to hold out for the best! Besides, we’re worth it!

We are resilient, and there is no visible end to our strength… It’s truly a gift to smile in the face of adversity, and we do it every day. Life may get hectic and stress levels may rise as we try to find solutions to family issues, career dilemmas, and relationship drama, but we are always capable of finding an inner peace that stems from our ability to rely on ourselves. Our independent nature is one of the sources of our strength and should be celebrated.

We are driven with a purpose…  Who would want to stay in the “backseat” when their future is concerned? Certainly not us! No matter what avenues we have to take to reach our dreams, consider it done! If we set our mind to achieving something impossible, don’t doubt our dreams. Support it, and know that it will come to pass. Brilliant women like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Maya Angelou have come before us and have certainly set the bar higher. They are a constant reminder to us that limits can hold you back if you begin to believe in them.

We support and uplift each other… Life is a journey that you end up sharing with those you love. None of us want to see our friends stumble along the way, but if it does happen, we are more than happy to cushion their fall and give them words of encouragement that help them along the way. We take pride in nurturing our friendships and growing with our “sisters.”

We are able to coexist in and nurture healthy relationships. First of all, we are not depressed IF we are not married, yet. Secondly, Black marriages do occur, and it’s not a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of phenomenon. Love will always be great, but black love should be remembered as powerful love—not a miracle love.

We bring out the best in others…We have a deep-rooted desire to see our loved ones succeed, and we are always there to encourage each other and share the spotlight. We rejoice in each other’s successes, and we are always ready to cheer our loved ones on when they reach new levels in life.

We are the thread that holds the family together…We all have a Big Mama that’s there to keep it all together when it seems like everything is falling apart. She’s the true definition of a virtuous woman that everyone in the family can truly depend on. Even though family dynamics have changed a great deal, we are still doing everything we can to raise our children and give them the bright future that they deserve.

My mother let me in on a little secret a few months ago, and I’ll carry it with me forever. She told me that every woman has an aura about her that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re doing the simplest task like strolling down a grocery aisle in the supermarket, people are drawn to you because of your poise and grace. The way we present ourselves is powerful. Our aura can be felt before we utter a single word, and it lets others know not only are we proud to be who we are but we are thankful for who we will become. Always remember that.

DISCUSS: If you disagree with anything on this list, please respectfully persent your argument as to why but i like it! I love the pictures too

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  1. LOVE IT!! I’m so inspired!! Can’t wait to share it with my friends!

  2. This is beautiful! It is only have many years that I evolved to become the woman that you describe. My evolution came as a result of older, wiser, stronger, encouraging, loving, supportive, encouraging, and beautiful women who took me under their wings and guided me to become the strong black woman I’ve become today. I am employed in a public school system, located in an urban community, where I work with teenage girls. Your post servers as a reminder to me and should be a reminder to other sisters of our moral obligation to help other young girls become strong, confident, and beautiful black women. Communities have changed. Many girls lack positive role models to become what you’ve described in your blog; however, those of us who are able should be willing to give back in whatever way that we can. Thanks again for a great post.

    1. It is only “after”..

  3. GREAT POST! *Bookmarked*

  4. Tobias Scarlett says:

    I feel this is a lovely post and very inspirational however I don’t feel it is truly reflective of black women as a whole its is however the way that black women should see themselves but a lot don’t seem to see themselves in this light.

    They don’t love themselves as much as they should. Most while they can live without a man find it acceptable to be in an unloving relationship with an undeserving man. So I feel a lot of them do settle and as for helping friends and not wanting to see others fail !!! As a race not sure we have got to that place yet. Which is a huge problem in our community. I live in the uk was born in the caribbean so maybe my life experiences are different than those of the american female who wrote this post.

    1. Your link should be posted in the “Add Links” section not in the comments. I will have to delete this

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