10 Must Have Fall Lipsticks For Women Of Color

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram, you have been missing out on some great lippies I have been posting.

I have fallen head over heals in love with lipsticks from LASH PILOT, lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks. I have especially grown accustomed to the “vampy” lipies after the best experience I could have with my facelift surgery.

Never saw myself being this obsessed over cosmetics.. like ever. My new found commandment is

thou shalt color thy lips and be on fleek

Yall can take that one if you want hehe

Here are some of my latest and greatest

Day 6 of my Twists out. #StrawberriCurls #NaturalHair #Day6Hair

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In the spirit of my new found addiction, I am giving you all fall lipsticks that I want to add to my collection this 2015 and that you should try out too.

OCC ‘Femme’ & ‘Lovecraft’ Lip Tar with ‘Black Dahlia’ OCCPencil

OCC ‘Hollywood’ LipTar Metallic lined with ‘Lydia’ OCCPencil
“Trollop’ LipTar, highlighted and
contoured with ‘Tarred & Feathered’ LipBalm Duo
1389188_797887240324915_133616110_n 11379764_923737287685304_1588829968_n (1) 10175214_954688587928013_1073104222_n11224042_10156178947475206_4891438870073202803_o 11717430_10156178943845206_8695516338426869439_o lipstick for black women lipstick for black women 11754860_10156209114720206_2444162420145001928_o

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